Minimalistic, Efficient & Rugged

This is how the new range of Energy Recovery and waste pressure recovery Turbines from Maxwatt can be described.

Our Machineries speak for themselves in terms quality and efficiency

These machines use Novel & well established & proven Thermodynamic design & simulation tools to minimize no. of components resulting in a machine with no gearbox and a simple lubricating oil system.

Our objective was to provide Industry a machine that offers high efficiency, ease of operation & lower maintenance requirements.

Maxwatt offers an extensive range of energy recovery and waste pressure recovery turbines.

These come equipped with a host of features making them arguably one of the best solutions available worldwide for these applications. These time tested features make these turbines robust, efficient, and reliable, demanding minimal maintenance. A few of these notable features are:

Double Pedestal Construction

The turbines utilize a double pedestal construction with bearing support on both ends, ensuring extended operational reliability and availability, particularly for applications utilizing dry and saturated steam.

Tailored, Multi-stage Design

The turbines employ a multistage design customized to suit specific steam conditions, offering unrivaled efficiency that outperforms any single-stage turbine. The benefit of this design is a faster payback period.

Auto-start system

The turbine-generator package is equipped with a PLC-based control system that simplifies the operation, including automated start and shutdown sequences, and requires minimal manual intervention.

valve Design

The inlet steam flow control features 1-3 control valves with sequential opening, ensuring superior efficiency during part-load steam flow operation.

Direct Drive Technology – No Gear Box

Direct integration of the turbine and generator results in a more compact footprint thereby eliminating the need for a sophisticated forced-feed lubrication system.

Single Skid housing all components

The turbine and generator are mounted on a single base frame, creating a streamlined and simple package that is easy to install without the need for extensive foundation or civil work.

Heavier rotating train that provides enhanced control of Frequency fluctuation

The turbine’s double-bearing construction, paired with a multistage rotor, results in a heavier rotor that effectively manages frequency fluctuations caused by fluctuating steam demand from the process. As a result, frequency is maintained well within the operational range, without any sharp fluctuations, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.


Maxwatt’s innovative turbines for waste pressure recovery

As distributed micro power generation technologies gain more attention, the recovery of energy from waste pressure has become increasingly significant. While the conventional approach of using a single stage turbine driving a generator or turbine bladed disc directly mounted on the generator shaft is popular, its efficiency is limited by the low speed of rotation. To address this, a more efficient approach using a gearbox was introduced. However, this introduces complexities such as the need for a lube oil system and a more intricate rotating train.

At Maxwatt, our team of Turbine experts with several decades of experience have invested considerable effort into development of a range of energy recovery turbines that offer the highest possible efficiency while minimizing the need for complex components.