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MaxWatt is an expanding organization that welcomes dynamic and motivated individuals who aspire to make a significant impact in the steam turbine industry. The company offers a favorable work environment, promotes continuous improvement of employees’ expertise and capabilities, and offers competitive remuneration packages to keep employee satisfaction and engagement levels high, encouraging exceptional performance from all. If you are enthusiastic about joining our team, kindly review our current job openings and submit.

Job Opening

Ignite your career | Join our internship program

We are pleased to invite engineering students who are interested in learning and contributing to the steam turbine industry, to join us at MaxWatt as interns. Our company values the potential of young talent and aims to nurture and empower them through our internship program.

Our program is designed to provide interns with hands-on experience and learning opportunities from experienced industry experts, while contributing to exciting projects in a dynamic work environment. The internship program is tailored to cover comprehensive training on steam turbine technology, including design, engineering, manufacturing, and operations. Throughout the program, interns will work alongside a team of highly skilled professionals who will guide them.

At MaxWatt, we prioritize the personal and professional growth of our interns, providing them with opportunities to gain a competitive edge in their careers.
If you have a passion for engineering and an interest in exploring the world of steam turbines, we encourage you to apply for our internship program. We are excited to welcome you to the MaxWatt family and look forward to hearing from you.