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Maxwatt manufactures a comprehensive range of impulse and reaction design, Steam-turbines in 50 kW - 15,000 kW range. We can offer a fully integrated mechanical or Cogeneration or Power Generator packing using any of the following turbine type.

• Back-pressure
• Extraction (Injection) cum Back Pressure
• Condensing
• Extraction (Injection) cum condensing

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The design approach is based on using standardized modules to offer custom-built machines which are compact and rugged, yet simple in design. The expertise, combined with incorporation of many time tested features and use of sophisticated development and engineering tools, contributed to development of an outstanding range of steam turbines.

Our turbines have a reputation for delivering exceptional performance and reliability, and there are several key factors that contribute to this success. These include an efficient and customized design process, the use of quality materials, precision workmanship, and a stringent quality control procedure. By prioritizing these critical aspects, we are able to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, ensuring that our turbines are trusted solutions for their critical operations.

Industrial Co-generation & Power Generation Turbines

  • High-efficiency, Multi-stage, Customized design
  • Integral rotor shaft with discs or drum type construction, machined from a single solid block of forging
  • Horizontally split-casing for easy maintenance & dis-assembly
  • Turbine rotor supported on both ends
  • Hydraulically operated fast acting "stop and Emergency Valve" with partial stroke testing
  • Hydraulically operated fast acting "Control Valve/s" tuned with governor for load & flow control
  • Gland seals of "Metallic Labyrinth" or "Brush Seals" "Caulking Fins built in to Rotor"
  • Provision for bleed at intermediate pressure
  • Independent electronic "Over-speed Governor" with voted logic
  • Hydro-dynamic Sleeve / Tilting pad type radial Bearings
  • Tilting pad type Thrust Bearing
  • "Axial Movement" indication and trip
  • Auto & Remote Button Start

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Choosing Maxwatt

At Maxwatt, we specialize in small capacity steam turbines and are dedicated to providing unparalleled attention and services to our customers who require small turbines. Unlike other turbine manufacturers, our exclusive focus on small capacity steam turbines ensures that all our customers receive the best attention and services.

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